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Opening a new hotel, hosting a grand opening, complete renovations or remodelling a space should not be intimidating, let our hospitality moving specialist offer full-service solutions to your hospitality projects. Let us help you meticulously manage your hotel and restaurant move in a logical and efficient way. We provide a single-source answer to each hospitality transaction, regardless of the size of your project, either from 10 rooms to 5000, we can guarantee the same level of expert performance and execution.

Moving a hotel is a complicated procedure, but we have a range of services that will convert your daunting task into a reality. The following are the hospitality moving services that are offered by Kiper, but not limited:

  • On-site assessment and estimate
  • Full project management services
  • Professional packing, unpacking, assembly and disassembly service
  • Depository and warehousing solutions, receiving and consolidation
  • Secure short- and long- term storage
  • Inventory management and control
  • Requested access and retrieval of items stored
  • Complete FF&E installation services
  • Professional moving equipment, material and boxes
  • Customized or standard crating solutions
  • Moving blankets furniture wrapping
  • Inbound and outbound freight management
  • Transportation and move-in
  • Debris removal and furniture disposal service

In addition, Uhaul is a company we work closely with, offers a full selection of moving supplies and blankets, as well as the option for pick up and home deliveries.

Our complete hospitality moving project plans include receiving, handling, inventory control reporting, storage delivery, a final destination assembly and installation services that are based on your blueprint layouts.

Gambling Sector, Lotteries and Casino Moving Services

A combined hospitality and gaming sector has shown a rapid growth increase over the past two decades. This includes a casino, lotteries, video lottery terminals, off-track betting facilities, bingo halls, electronic gambling and other gaming establishments across Buffalo and the United States. The government intervention in the gaming industry has resulted in a rise in the number of casinos, slot machines, destination casinos, community gaming centers, and hippodromes.

Since the expansion of the gambling industry in North America, we providing an exclusive service for such businesses. Experienced casino and lottery relocation company may help you to deliver slot machines, tables, lottery tickets, and merchandise to the permanent or temporary event location.

Restaurants, hotels and casinos are often combined into a single unit that falls under the hospitality services. If you are planning to move or renovate your hospitality facility business, local hospitality moving companies have the expertise and the right teams to get the job done.

Ideal Company for Hospitality Service Relocation

What differentiates us from other hospitality moving companies you may ask? The answer is simple, we have the experience and means to get the hospitality moving project up on its feet and running. We operate from several geographical locations because we understand the challenges our clients face when trying to find a reliable and trustworthy hospitality services company. Regardless, of the destination from and to your goods are traveling, local move or long-distance moving, we have your back covered!

Furthermore, our domestic and international hospitality moving experts will assist you through preparation for a long-distance move. Personalized reporting, assessment, expert movers, value protection, customized invoicing and incomparable flexibility options, that you won’t find anywhere else.

What is Happening in the Hospitality Industry Right Now?

Domestic and international tourism illustrate a continuous demand and steady growth across the world; therefore, it is not surprising that the hospitality industry and leisure have become one of the key drivers of the global economy. Innovations and new technological advances have fundamentally changed the way services are received and provided in our industry. The backbone of the operating hospitality establishment is to continuously improve and adapt to the modern world demands and changing the landscape of technology, either through means of renovation, repair or new constructions.

By trusting us to execute you through the transition process means you depend on our experts’ experience in moving hospitality services.

In simple words, when your hotel turns into a construction site, Kiper hospitality moving companies flexible storage services for the hospitality industry keep things safe and organized without the inconvenience for you or your guests.

Suggestive Improvements to Your Hospitality Business

As we have previously mentioned, we have quite an experience working with hotels and resorts, and we feel like we have some understanding as to what drives more clients towards a specific hospitality establishment. Perhaps this will be a refreshment to some or something that you have personally experienced throughout the years of operating a service-based business, but we feel the need to share some useful tips.

  1. Personalization
    1. Crucial in the market services industry
    2. Nowadays, clients value personalized experiences above all others, regardless of whether an individual is traveling on a limited budget or looking for VIP service. One-person contact offered by our hospitality moving coordinators allows a personal experience for every customer.
    3. Service industry must incorporate customizability and flexibility in their service deals and packages, offer different bundle combinations of popular services and price margins, and limited means of adjustment negotiation.
    4. For example, to make the client’s project management flow easier, Kiper offers a single, dedicated expert coordinator that will work specifically with you and offer continuous communication through the entire transition process. Kiper adjust moving needs to each client and job, in addition to the standard services available.
  2. Digitalization of service
    1. This is imperative to appeal to guests that are technology-friendly
    2. Allows guests to browse, pick and plan their stay and activities at their own convenience
    3. Online booking and reservation, social media active profiles displaying your business and services, promotions and redtag sales, activities listings, etc.
  3. Internet of things (IoT)
    1. There is a current boom in the IoT technology, which means there is a competitive edge in the market for upgrading to a ‘smart buildings’ technology
    2. This includes public terminals, sensors, in-room technologies, mobile device applications and identifications tags that collect real-time data that then can be used to creates the opportunity for ‘suggested services’ that are tailored and personalized for each individual guest.
    3. In conclusion, technologically upgrading the hospitality industry as with any other industry is a mutually advantageous change to both the hospitality service providers and their guests, as this improves managerial and operational efficiency rate and quality. Outlined critical enhancements can restructure your service platforms in a way that it fits into the modern world technological advancements, and that includes upgrading and improving hospitality facilities through means of relocation services.

Word To The Wise

We hope we did a successful job of showing you what Kiper Moving and Transportation  Company can do for your business in terms of hospitality moving services. We have one of the richest global network connections that offer future-proof solutions for the hospitality industry, extensive warehousing facility options around the globe, and customer service experts that will provide you with valuable insights into improving your service quality and overall your business model.

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