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Moving an IT department or thinking about data center migration to a new location? Transitions are always great ways to encourage creativity and give rise to new concept ideas for your product and services. New space means new room for your innovation to grow and blossom into something ground-breaking. Although the fruits of labor seem sweet, the process of carrying out the moving enormous server rooms could be quite difficult, when you do not have the help of a professional IT, computer and equipment moving company.

In the 21st century, almost every business has own server room, however, they differ in sizes and equipment used. IT asset transportation requires proper planning in order to minimize operational downtime, associated costs, unsatisfied customers, equipment and sensitive files vulnerability.

Moving of servers and electronics requires expertise and knowledge of how to safely and professionally handle, package, transport and deliver these delicate items. Our designated IT storage and moving solutions are available for small and large business operations, IT customers, manufacturers, industry business partners, data centers, solution integrators and their end-users. We can transfer your sensitive equipment domestically or internationally, depends on your needs. Our IT moving service offers a network of quality logistic experts, who work hard to customize solutions for every customer’s requirements.

The following is a list of IT equipment we have previously moved, please note, if your equipment is not listed below, just let your IT moving expert know about the specifications and dimensions of the articles:

  • Notebooks, Monitors and Tower Computers
  • Switches, Servers and Racking
  • Printers and copiers
  • Mainframes units aka “Big Iron”
  • CRAC
  • Workstations and cubicles
  • UPS
  • Robotics
  • Cabling
  • Communication and phone switching equipment
  • Computer lab and office furniture
  • Vending machines
  • Fuji machines
  • Spare parts

Important Things to Remember Before Hiring IT Relocation Services

Relocating IT department or business premises not only requires a proper plan in place but also licensed and professional IT moving experts to perform the task. Part of this reason has to do with equipment and machinery that is often necessary in order to execute high value electronic equipment transportation. Machinery such as forklifts, reach trucks and counterbalance vehicles require intense training and experience to become a professional driver and operator. IT and equipment moving companies will provide you with the necessary machinery that is required for your specific IT migration project.

Disconnection services can be either be solely performed by your business specialists or Kiper can collaborate with your IT team to provide the necessary execution. Whether it is disconnection services, network/telecom cable installation, and service reactivation management, proper time allocation is required. This cooperation must be able to communicate and coordinate with other collaborating groups of tech-teams and contractors to make sure everyone is on the same page.

IT Moving and Storage Solutions

Our nationwide IT storage and warehouse facilities offer an ideal environment for your computer equipment and electronics. In addition to depository services, Kiper offers the following:

  • Individual assessment and plan
  • Equipment packaging solutions with custom packing and crating design
  • Managed moves of PC workstations, IP phones, printer stations, and Computer peripherals
  • Specialized panel carts to transport computers and equipment
  • Long or short-term storage
  • Container and Portable Storage Options
  • Equipment Moving
  • HDD enclosure for transportation
  • Night IT moving

IT Equipment Disposal

If you are upgrading the company’s phones or computers for faster and more advanced models, consider reselling or auctioning used and unwanted device and equipment, such as used computers, printing equipment and parts. Convert your old equipment, unwanted assets into profits, earn some money back, and use it towards paying for things like relocation services. E-waste solutions or hardware disposal can be performed independently by you, or Kiper hardware removal services can be incorporated into your project.

Kiper also works with a number of charities and non-for-profit organizations, and would be happy to accept any donations on your behalf. As we always say, if you don’t need it, donate it!

Data Center Migration and Moving

Arranged migrations of mission-critical equipment and devices are essential when it comes to Data Center moving. This comprehensive process involves arranging and migrating an existing data center to a new facility or operating site. Local data center movers and coordinators will optimize the process to relocate your technology infrastructure on a budget and within the set timeframe.

We understand that transferring a data center involves moving of: servers, IT hardware, switches and routers, which require waterproof transportation cases, to prevent any shock or damage to the equipment and parts. Data center moving also includes protection and transportation of racks and stacks, mainframes, servers and network cabling via means of specialized packing and custom crates solutions.

Commercial network relocation services involve the use of a reliable and reputable moving company that specializes in transporting fragile and high value electronic equipment. Kiper operates on the basis that meets the highest moving industry standards. Regardless of whether you need a few dozen or a couple of hundreds of servers to be moved or how complex your data center migration project might seem, the most important factor you want is in-depth experience and professionalism from your IT and equipment moving company.

Why Choose Kiper Moving and Transportation  Company for Your IT, Computer and Equipment Moving Project?

The answer is simple, we are a trusted partner that provides one source stop of total technology moving experience, and gives you everything you need from start to finish. Our premium IT and equipment moving services offer a la carte service options, so you can customize the plan that fit your moving needs. We know that one size fits all approach does not cut it when it comes to IT, computers and equipment relocation projects.

  • Our in-depth experience and know-how come from moving trading floor centers, data centers and uncountable PC workstation at one time.
  • Chartered Moving Coordinators – who will be with you on all stages of the move.
  • Coordinated and organized moving plans that meet client’s specific IT needs
  • Long or short-term storage of IT Equipment and Computers
  • E-waste solutions, hardware removal service and secure asset recycling
  • Proper transportation resources and vehicles
  • Competitive pricing is available because we are independently incorporated business operations that are competitive with major moving companies and van lines.

With our computer and IT equipment relocation services, we will move your IT assets to a new location in no time, allowing your business to get back to its normal operations as soon as possible. We can guarantee that we will limit your business’ downtime and limited connections.

For questions or additional information about our comprehensive data center moving, IT relocation and IT storage services, contact us directly today. One of our IT moving service coordinators will be happy to help you to assist you as well as the answer for any concerns you may have.

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