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Looking for a professional moving company that can assist your institution with the library moving? Kiper is a highly accredited company that can tailor solutions that meet your library’s moving needs. At the heart of every library, there are precious collections in both physical and digital formats that require special care and treatment procedures. Furthermore, libraries are always evolving, making it a necessary and perpetual task for the owner or institution. With every new change to your archive collection, a requirement arises to securely move your inventory to a new shelving space, annex, place and/or offsite.

Why Consider Moving your Library?

A typical routine move might present an opportunity for improving management and collection care, undertake a stock audit, upgrade, rearrange or transfer a storage, stabilize, re-house and/or clean your library collections. Previous projects included library moves that underwent renovations, flooring replacement and re-carpeting.

Library moving service is especially critical for items that are made out of special collection materials, for example, original artifacts, out of print books, old handwritten journals and/or first editions, all must be handled with particular care.

Kiper Moving and Transportation  Company can help you minimize relocation downtime, achieve your plan over a shorter time frame, as well as work with you or your institution to do so during the outside of the term time and on schedule that best works for you.

Library Moving Costs

Regardless of the type of library move you require; we will provide you with no cost on-site assessment estimate and then one of our library moving staff will review your plan. Please note, library moving costs are based on the following, but not limited, as each move is specific:

  • Size of the library being moved
  • Number of books, archives and journals (boxes/crates)
  • The total traveling distance of the move (original destination to final, plus any additional stops)
  • If Phase Planning is required
  • If storage is necessary

Our library moving specialists will gladly assist in providing you with an array of ideas for more optimal library layouts and/or modern shelving style solutions.

What to Expect from Library Relocation?

The goal of a successful move of a library is to transfer your valuable inventory with integrity, care and precision. Regardless of whether you plan to move a public or a personal library, or execute a small or a major shift of an archive collection. Moving a library is a complex and tedious process and without appropriate assistance, this can become a very daunting task. Library moving team of experts can help schools, universities, colleges and law firms to move academic libraries, faculty-specific libraries, industry-specific libraries, as well as private archives and rare books collections, etc.

Library archives can include but not limited to a wide array of material and fabrics, such as paper, papyrus, wood, textile, parchment, ceramic, metal and photographs, as well as media, film archive, film collections, art, library books and other content. Your local library moving companies focus on providing an auditable chain of custody, guaranteeing your library collections are transported safely and securely and delivered to your destination of choice.

The work of our library moving experts allows the process to flow naturally and efficiently. We do this with a deep understanding of preventive techniques, and special care for each and every individual item.

Kiper Library Moving & Storage Services

Below is a list of a few library moving services we providing:

  • On-site estimates and assessments
  • Collection measurements
  • Library specification logistic analysis and collection layout planning
  • Space planning, integration and segregation
  • Precise inventory items list of a library collection
  • Book protective packing and unpacking services
  • Custom crating construction is available
  • Computer and digital collections moving services
  • Metal and wood shelves disassembly and reassembly moving services
  • Climate control warehousing and storage available
  • Documentation storage
  • On-site project management, trained staff and coordinator assistance

If you are looking for a specific service that is not listed above, simply get in touch with one of our experienced library moving coordinator, and we would be more than happy to discuss and accommodate your needs.

To DOs before Contacting a Library Moving Company

Each library move varies from one another, but here are some basic steps that we would like to share with you from our experience that may help you with yours, regardless whether you decide to hire professional library relocation company or DYI:

  1. Have a complete library catalog
  2. Set a defined goal for your project
  3. Get an overview of your current configuration (inventory list)
  4. Compare it with proposed configurations, identify the changes that are necessary
  5. Measure your current library collection (boxes and the current number of shelves)
  6. Identify expansion or new change implications (new books/shelves to be added)
  7. Estimate a fill rate of shelves
  8. Identify the amount of time it will take to execute library move
  9. Make a defined timeline for moving process
  10. Prepare the necessary moving supplies and equipment for library moving

The above-mentioned practices are beneficial for you to get an estimating idea of manpower and timeline required to execute your plan.

Moving your library with Kiper Moving and Transportation  Company

Your library collections are important to you and your institution, so it makes sense that you want to hire a trusted partner to handle your items with care. We are committed to providing outstanding moving library services to our customers. Our library moving team is composed of professionals with in-depth experience and who do not get intimidated by complex moves. Regardless of whether your library migration involves multiple locations, high-value document collections, or archives components. Your local library moving companies combine immeasurable experience with technology and innovative techniques. In return, the client receives efficient solutions that, in relationship with human care result in scrupulous process, even for the most confounding library relocating scenarios.

Our logistics department and video trained library movers deliver impeccable customer service solutions to address every step of your relocation and storage process and provides you with solutions for any size project, scope, or location.

Our company can also be referred to as a one-stop-shop for your library’s moving needs. Supplementary to our unparalleled moving expertise, we partner with that can supply you with all of the essential moving supplies and equipment.

Our company practice is based on its commitment to green and sustainable business practices. We recycle or donate approximately 70% of items we dispose on our client’s behalf, for the good of the environment and our business.

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