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Residential moving companies in Buffalo are so different that always offer various services for very contrasting costs and it’s always difficult to choose which moving company is suitable for you. Hopefully, a residential moving day may be just an important step in your life, but also a smooth experience in case you’ve chosen the right moving company. It is important that you give yourself plenty of time to make sure that the moving company you are searching meets all of the criteria .
Kiper Moving and Transportation Company did not become experts overnight, but we have been studying out in the field the ins and outs of what is involved in the moving. Our due and diligence have earned us the trust of thousands.

Commercial Moving
Whatever the corporate relocation task may be, we will help to relocate your business, office and employees.
International Moving
As an experienced international moving company, we will help you to relocate abroad with our ocean freight and air cargo services.
Specialized Moving
Kiper has all of the specialized moving services you need. From hospitality to heavy industry and beyond, we can help.
Long Distance Moving
Take the Stress Out of Your Long-Distance Move. Wherever life takes you, we deliver reliable, award-winning service that fits your household budget. Regardless of what you need to take with you or how far it has to go, Kiper will transport your goods to your new location safely and securely.

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Choosing a moving company

We Care About Your Move

Before you settle on your residential moving company of choice, make sure to ask
questions about the quality of the work itself.
● Will the movers be wrapping and padding all of the furniture with blankets, and
covering it with shrink wrap?
● Will they be using floor runners to protect the floor from dirt and scratches?
● What will they use to protect your more fragile belongings?
● When will your belongings arrive after leaving the loading location?
There are other questions you can come up with on your own, but be sure to ask them
prior to hiring the moving company to prevent any last minute problems or conflicts.
Kiper Moving and Transportation Company is fully bonded and insured company with a
long history of operation. We provide top-notch residential moving services performing
the unique packing and wrapping technique, and using quality moving supplies.

Make sure your moving is insured

Insurance of your belongings, home and the company’s employees is another important aspect that you need to concern yourself with when picking residential moving companies whether for long distance or residential moving. When asking a moving company about insurance, make sure to ask specific questions such as how much they are insured for, how much is the deductible, and if they have had any claims filed against them in the past year. Hiring a fully insured and bonded company will also guarantee that the employees are professional movers and not simply day labourers.